Tarkan Kaç Yaşında, Nereli, Boyu, Kilosu, Tarkan’ın Eşi, Çocuğu

Tarkan, Türk pop müziği sanatçısı olup 17 Ekim 1972 yılında doğmuştur. İstanbul doğumlu olan Tarkan’ın boyu 1.82 cm, kilosu ise 72’dir. Tarkan’ın eşi Pınar Dilek ile 2016 yılında evlenmiş olup, çiftin Liya adında bir kız çocuğu bulunmaktadır. Tarkan hayranlarının merak ettiği tüm bilgilere buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Tarkan is a well-known artist in Turkey, and in this article, we will reveal his age, height, weight, origin, spouse, and child among other interesting details. He is considered to be one of the best pop music artists in Turkey, and all of his albums have achieved excellent sales figures.

Tarkan’s real name is Tarkan Tevetoğlu. He was born on October 17th, 1972, and he is one of Turkey’s most recognized celebrities abroad. Tarkan was born in Alzey, a small town in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. He is of Rize origin, which is a province located in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.

Tarkan’s mother’s name is Neşe Tevetoğlu, and his father’s name is Ali Tevetoğlu. Neşe Tevetoğlu named her son after a comic book character called Tarkan. Tarkan stands at a height of 1.73 meters and weighs an undisclosed amount.

Throughout his teenage years, Tarkan had a strong inclination towards music. His father encouraged him to pursue his passion, and he eventually completed his high school education at Karamürsel High School. Tarkan then decided to move to Istanbul to take music lessons. After completing his training, he signed a contract with a production company and released his first album in 1992. The album immediately became a hit in Turkey, with the song “Kıl Oldum Abi” gaining nationwide popularity.

In 1994, Tarkan released his second album, which he named “Aa Acayipsin.” The album was a huge success, and Tarkan’s fame grew even more significant. He then embarked on a two-year tour in the Netherlands, England, and various other European countries. Tarkan even gave a live concert in America, which was broadcast live on some Turkish TV channels.

Following up with the success of his first two albums, Tarkan released his third album entitled “Ölürüm Sana” in 1997. The album was an immediate sensation, and Tarkan decided to create his music company the same year. The company was named HITT Records, and it became a significant player in the Turkish music industry.

During the same period, Tarkan experienced some conflicts and decided to return to Turkey. After his return, he served in the Turkish army as part of the mandatory military service. He then returned to music, releasing a few singles and eventually releasing his fourth album, “Karma,” in 2001.

Tarkan is also known for his appearances in various television commercials, including those for Turkcell and Opet. In 2006, he married Pınar Dilek. As you can see, Tarkan is an accomplished musician and a beloved figure in Turkey.

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